South Bay Fit Camp is for participants of all fitness levels - here some of them share their experiences...

I will need a FULL refund... if I want to cover the cost of replacing all my jeans and shorts that are too big for me now after the summer of weight loss! - Matt, 25

Emily was born to train, to inspire, to motivate, to educate, and to produce results! Fit Camp has been an amazing experience for me! I'm fitter, stronger, have more endurance, and finally kicked my sugar habit! Woo Hoo! - Lark, 39

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fit camp! Emily and Chey are great, they know when to push and when to support you. Fit camp has helped improve my running, and this summer I noticed a huge change in my upper body and arm strength while waterskiing. The workouts are fun and creative. The members are a blast, too. You gotta try it! - Ingrid, 43

I cannot tell you how much better I feel because of fit camp. Not only do I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again, but I have more energy and a much more positive outlook on life. Fit camp is good for the body and soul! - Shelley, 35

I love being outside! We all work really hard and encourage each other. I am on my 3rd month and can really notice my body getting back in shape, one week at a time! It feels great! Emily and Chey are awesome! - Julie, 57

I just finished my first session of South Bay Fit Camp and it was so much fun! The instructors work so well together and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I liked that my friends and I were able to all work out together even though we are at different fitness levels. The program is challenging but still fun, which had us leaving with energy and smiles everyday. What I most appreciate about the Camp is that not only do the trainers genuinely care about each of us and our goals, but they also understand that we have busy lives and last minute obligations, so they allow us to make up missed classes at another session. Thank you for getting me in the best shape of my life without even realizing I was working for it! - KC, 24

You guys are totally the bomb! I loooove Fit Camp. Count me in for the next 4 weeks! I am on a mission to conquer the hill - my goal is to run up the hill with the theme song from Rocky ringing in my head! I felt great the whole day. It's 7:30pm and I'm still full of energy. I've done more today than some people do all week! I love it, you guys are awesome! - Tina, 42

Today while I was in class, I was thinking, "They should be paying me to do this!  What was I thinking when I signed up?" Now a few hours later I feel great!  I have completed my dreaded errands, trimmed my azalea bush, did a load of laundry, finished my homework (I'm a teacher) and now for a healthy evening meal. See ya Thursday!  Thanks Emily for facilitating my success today, and Mandy for a great workout.  WHEW! - Ella, 61

I was concerned before I first started because I was in pretty poor shape. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep up, but I was impressed by the way the instructors provided modifications to each of the exercises to make them doable for someone just starting on the road to fitness. The instructors' can-do attitude is infectious and you won't believe how fast you can improve! - Rob, 25

By exercising twice a week with South Bay Fit Camp and attending Weight Watchers I've lost 14 pounds to date, have gained upper body strength (goodbye flabby arms) and found lots of energy - thank you Emily & Cheyana! - Leslie, 50

Fit Camp is so much fun! After a year of classes, I can still see improvements in myself, and I am still getting a great workout. Everyone in the class has such a fun personality, and I have such a great time, that the workout is over before I know it! I am so much stronger, too! Goodbye, weakling. Hello, buff-n-stuff! - Matt, 24

My first day at SBFC, I had mixed emotions about starting a workout routine. For one, it was at 5:30am on a January morning and two, I had heard many stories from my colleagues about other fitness camps and how hardcore most of them are. All the workouts we did that morning were simple, easy to follow and did what they were targeted to do. I know, because the next few days, I felt like a mummy as I couldn’t move my arms, legs or even turn my neck. I was extremely out of shape, I couldn’t control my breathing and got tired really quickly. It almost deterred me from continuing on for the next several weeks. After I got over the initial hump and the lactic acid buildup, it started getting easier. What kept me motivated was that I was slowly getting better and stronger. I noticed that clothes fit differently and I had more energy throughout the day. I was never a runner and it wasn’t something that I could do with ease. I had trouble running due to painful cramps that occur in my feet if I stopped. Fearing shin splints and other complications, I made an effort to stretch my legs and feet, with the suggestions from Emily. In about 2 months, I was able to successfully run a mile without pain or cramps. I didn’t expect to continue after 6 weeks but this became a lifestyle for me. The other campers are all very supportive and we have tons of fun as we gain muscles and strength and lose the fat and inches together. - Tiffanie, 29

I joined South Bay Fit Camp because the instructors seemed very nice and encouraging and it looked like a whole bunch of fun. I received MUCH more than I bargained for. The instructors are THE most energetic and fun gals around. They have that perfect blend of drill sergeant and hospice home care nurse. The routine was never the same twice, so I was always using different muscles. I can’t believe that in just 4 short weeks I felt so much stronger! I have to be careful with my right knee because of a tear in my meniscus. Both instructors were always ready to show me a variation or modification to any exercise that might aggravate it. There were a variety of fitness levels in our class, with guys and gals. I was amazed at the simple variations that the instructors used to accommodate all the different levels. I think that my biggest surprise was that they made it so much fun working out with a group of people, and that I grew in strength in such a short period of time. I would and have recommended this camp to all my friends. Thanks for everything! - Julie, 57

Working out with Emily help me achieve endurance. My fiancé and I love hiking and our goal was to be able to hike Upper Yosemite falls. With Emily’s training, I was able to achieve a relentless series of switchbacks, an elevation at trailhead 3,967 to the top of Yosemite Falls and distance of  7.6 miles round trip. All her curb runs and burpees made my legs a lot stronger! - Ilse, 40


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